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Dental Crowns Sydney

Our dental crowns dentist in Sydney can easily improve you smile that have been excessively worn or decayed. Dental crowns are created as coverings for your existing damaged teeth, It is custom-made ‘cap’ which placed over a tooth. a dental crown procedure is a non-invasive.

Are your teeth broken, excessively worn or decayed? Do you wish to improve their appearance? Why not consider dental crowns and bridges?

Dental crowns and bridges are known to improve the appearance of your teeth and make them stronger.

A crown serves as an outer shell for a tooth to protect it and strengthen it. It is ideal to cover a weak, discoloured, chipped or root canal treated tooth with a crown to restore its look and enhance your smile. Crowns are made of different materials. However, all crowns look, feel, and function like your natural teeth.

How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost in Sydney?

The dental crowns cost in Sydney ranges between $500 – $2,500. However, Sydney dental crowns prices varies, depending on materials, your location, and the specific area of the tooth in your mouth. Here, we can say that the average crown cost can be around $825 with or without dental insurance.

But what if you have a fixed budget? We, at Designer Smiles, provide tailored dental crown treatment that fits your needs as well as budget. From ceramic, porcelain to metallic dental crowns, you can get all according to your tooth requirements at an affordable price. For more details about tooth crown costs or reviews, you can contact our friendly crowns dental experts. 

Missing one or more teeth can cause problems in chewing and speaking. This calls for the need of dental bridges. A dental bridge is made by connecting or bridging three or more crowns to fill in the empty space of missing teeth. How much do dental bridges cost?  We offer an affordable cost of a dental bridges in Sydney

Affordable Crowns & Bridge Specialist Sydney

At Designer Smiles, you can expect to get your dental crowns and bridges to be fixed by our specialist Dental Surgeon Dr Sarkis Nalbandian. His dual training in implant-supported crowns, bridges and dentures are sure to get you impressive results.

The dental crown or bridge treatment begins with a careful examination of your mouth. Whether you require crowns or a dental bridge, you can expect the treatment to be completed in two visits.

Our dental crown specialist will first take an impression of the area to be fixed to create a mould of your crown or bridge, so the final product fits your mouth perfectly.

The crown or bridge will then be made in our dental laboratory using the moulds. This may take around 2 to 3 weeks. In the meanwhile, our dental crown specialist will attach a temporary crown or bridge to fill in the gap or gaps.

Once your permanent crowns or bridges are ready you will be called for the final session. In this last visit, the crown or bridge will be attached to fill in the gap permanently.

Why Choose Us For Dental Crowns Treatment In Sydney?

Our dental crown Sydney specialists have experience in designing and fitting crowns for patients of all ages in Sydney.

Our crowns specialist believes in involving the patients during the decision-making process, so you are well informed about every step and given the freedom to choose the option that suits your needs and cost of dental crown in Sydney.

Moreover, we place the manufacturing of your crowns and bridges in the hands of the experts only, so there’s no scope for mistakes.

Dental Crowns Sydney

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Restore your damaged teeth with dental crowns and bridges Sydney. Get in touch with us to find how our dental crown or bridge treatment can benefit you and dental crown cost with insurance. Call us on (02) 8074 1722 or fill in the form below to fix an appointment or discuss your concerns.