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Dr. Sarkis Nalbandian

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Dr. Sarkis Nalbandian

Registered Specialist, Prosthodontist & Implant Surgeon In Sydney


Specialist Prosthodontist & Implant Surgeon

Dr. Sarkis Nalbandian

Registered Specialist, Prosthodontist & Implant Surgeon In Sydney


Dental Crowns Sydney

Our dental crowns dentist in Sydney can easily improve your smile that have been excessively worn or decayed. It is created as coverings for your existing damaged teeth, It is a custom-made ‘cap’ which placed over a tooth. a dental crown procedure is a non-invasive.

At Designer Smiles, our team of professional dentists is highly experienced in rejuvenating and transforming smiles using dental crowns. If you’re suffering from weak or damaged teeth, choose the dental crown procedure to completely cover any existing damage and restore the functionality of your natural tooth.
Are you hoping to alter the appearance of your teeth and improve their aesthetic value? With dental crowns and bridges from Designer Smiles Sydney, you can do just that.
Our dental prostheses are known to transform the visual appeal of your teeth and make them stronger in the process. Book an appointment with our team today and start your dental crown or bridge treatment.

Dental Crown Cost In Sydney

How much do dental bridges cost? On average, a dental crown costs in Sydney anywhere between $500-$2,500 – this includes the porcelain crowns cost for front teeth. However, prices vary depending on your location, materials needed, and the tooth that needs restoring.

Similarly, the average cost of a dental bridge for one tooth is between $500-$1,200. Therefore, the final price will depend on how many replacement teeth are needed to fulfill your bridge requirements.

If you have more questions regarding the price of dental bridges or crowns, including how much does a dental bridge costs without insurance,contact our team today for more detailed information. At Designer Smiles, we provide tailored dental crown and bridge treatment that fits your needs as well as your budget.


Dental Crown And Bridge Treatment

Dental crowns and bridges are a fixed and permanent solution for missing or damaged teeth. Our dentists at Designer Smiles utilise these prosthetic pieces to restore and rejuvenate your smile as a premium restorative procedure.

It is important to understand the difference between a crown and a bridge, as the two will be required for differing oral states and situations.

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What is the difference between dental crowns and bridgework?

Dental Crown

A dental crown is necessary when a tooth’s structure has been damaged or fractured. Usually, a dental crown is made from porcelain and resembles the shape of a natural tooth.

It is essentially a dental cap placed over your original tooth and used as a substitute to strengthen your set of teeth and improve overall functionality.

Fitting a dental crown requires filing down and reshaping your original tooth into a smaller size. Any noticeable decay is removed from the tooth and repaired to support the dental crown properly. The cap will then be shaped over the tooth and cemented into place.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is used when one or more teeth are missing. Instead of working on your natural set of teeth like dental crowns, a dental bridge is a prosthetic piece that permanently replaces absent teeth.

Dental bridges at Designer Smiles are usually made of porcelain and will create a fuller smile with a natural look.

A bridge involves a string of false teeth that are attached between two crowns. The original teeth on either side of the bridge will be prepared for dental crowns, and the bridge is then cemented into place.

Once the process is completed, your dental bridge will look and function just like a normal set of teeth.

Benefits Of Dental Crowns And Bridges

There is a wide range of benefits associated with dental crowns and bridges. Not only will the process restore your smile, but it can also:

  • Restores confidence
  • Improves oral strength
  • Protecting oral health
  • Enhanced appearance
  • A smile you will be proud to show off

When Is A Dental Crown Or Bridge Required?

Dental crowns and bridges are utilised to solve various dental health-related issues. While our dentists at Designer Smiles will conduct a complete analysis of your dental health to find the best solution for your oral complications, knowing when a dental crown or bridge may be required is important. Situations include:

  • A fractured or damaged tooth
  • A weakened tooth due to decay
  • A severely discoloured tooth
  • Misshapen tooth
  • Unstable dentures
  • Missing teeth

Visit our clinic and get the right perspective of your dental needs

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Case Study

We work with patients every day to achieve a brand new smile. Discover how our Sydney dental crowns specialist can help you achieve an affordable dentistry solution by seeing how we helped our past patients.

More Case Studies
Before & After Crowns
worn-teeth-failing-before BEFORE
worn-teeth-fixed-composite-veneers AFTER

Worn Teeth and Failing Crowns Fixed in One Visit

This case is about a full mouth rehabilitation on a limited budget using long term interim restorations. The patient has failed aesthetics: failing crowns and bridgework affecting patients comfort, function and aesthetics.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Are you searching for a reliable dental clinic that understands the best way to transform your smile? Choose the team at Designer Smiles for all dental crown and dental bridge needs.

With our years of experience in the dental industry, we have shaped many smiles and helped restore the confidence of many patients. There are many reasons as to why you should choose our dental clinic, including:

  • We provide a one-on-one consultation session before commencing any treatment
  • You are given the freedom to choose an option that suits your needs
  • Our services are affordable
  • The manufacturing of your crowns or bridges will be handled by experts
  • We utilise the latest concepts in modern dentistry at our clinic
  • We are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to restore your smile
  • We are constantly updating our dental clinic and utilising the latest tools and equipment
  • You can count on us for high-quality dentistry when it matters most

For more information about our dental clinic and why choosing Designer Smiles is the right choice for you, contact our team of friendly dentists today.


A crown is a cap for your damaged teeth. In contrast, a dental crown is a custom-made cap crafted from ceramic, resin or porcelain veneer materials and inserted over your teeth for enhancing aesthetic appearance.

As per the study, dental crowns are one of the durable materials for your teeth restoration. However, it cannot last for the rest of your life. The maximum lifespan of dental crowns is between 5 to 15 years.

The average cost of dental crowns in Sydney is between $1,500 to $2,300+. However, this cost may differ according to the type of crown and your requirements.

According to the survey at various dental practices, the cost of dental crowns with insurance is approximately as little as $282, and without insurance, the price ranges from $500 to $1,500 per tooth.

The false or fake teeth which are placed around your missing teeth is known as a dental bridge. Basically, it is the way to close the gaps in your smile.

The chances of a dental bridge falling out is very less. They are built to last a lifetime. However, you can prolong the lifespan of bridges by maintaining your oral hygiene.

The chances of a dental bridge falling out is very less. They are built to last a lifetime. However, you can prolong the lifespan of bridges by maintaining your oral hygiene.

First impressions are made and sent to a dental lab to ensure a proper fit and colour match. Then a temporary bridge is made until your new bridge arrives. The whole process takes almost 2 to 3 visits.

Both an implant and a bridge fill the gap of missing teeth and help you restore your smile. These two are different options for your smile restoration. However, an implant requires a good density of bone, whereas a bridge is less invasive and quicker.

A dental bridge treatment requires at least two visits for getting a relevant procedure from the dentist. The time taken is approximately one or two hours.

Crown and bridge both are the solutions for fixing your damaged teeth. Both procedures require prosthetic equipment to revive your smile.

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Are you seeking high-quality dental crown or dental bridge treatment? Our services are detailed and unfailing as they will completely alter the look and functionality of your teeth. At Designer Smiles, your dental needs are our number one priority. For more information on dental crowns or bridges, contact us today or call (02) 8074 1722 to book an appointment.

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