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Are you looking for a professional dentist in Point Piper who has years of experience in the dental health care industry? Look no further as the team at Designer Smiles works hard to find the best solutions to your dental health issues. Whether you need general dentistry such as a regular check-up, cosmetic surgery to get the straight teeth you’ve always dreamt of or emergency dentistry for when the unexpected happens, we’ve got you covered.

At our affordable, family dental clinic In Point Piper, we provide services for every age – from young to old, we work hard to tailor our dental health solutions to match your need and requirements. When you need dental health care that matters, choose our team at Designer Smiles today.

Emergency Dentist In Point Piper

Accidents happen. Sometimes, the most unexpected circumstances take place, and we’re left wondering how to solve the issue. This is no different to a dental emergency – they’re unexpected, painful, and require immediate assistance. At Designer Smiles, our dentists possess the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with emergency dental issues quickly and efficiently. Whatever the problem may be, our emergency dentists can diagnose the issue early, seek out the appropriate treatment, and educate you on preventative measures you can utilise to stop the pain from spreading or getting any worse. Our specialist dental surgeons are experienced in the following areas of emergency dentistry:

Our team of emergency dentists are here to help whenever you need us. We provide only the best dental care for our patients to solve any issues that may be impacting the teeth or gums. Keep your mouth and oral health in pristine condition when you choose Designer Smiles for your emergency dentist services. For more information on our emergency dentists or procedures, contact us today.

General Dentistry In Point Piper

Unlike emergency dentistry, which is only needed in specific situations, general dentistry is relevant throughout one’s life. The need for routine check-ups and overall dental care is integral to maintaining the functionality of your teeth and gums and ensuring that they stay strong and healthy over time. Keeping your teeth in the best possible condition means continuously visiting a dental clinic that you can trust. Our team at Designer Smiles offer all forms of general dentistry and has years of experience in the dental health care industry. Our comprehensive range of general dentistry services includes:

At Designer Smiles, we take preventative dentistry seriously. Therefore, we provide common preventative dentistry procedures to help you maintain your teeth and prevent them from deteriorating over time. It’s important to have a strict and carefully planned oral care routine throughout your life, and therefore, our team seeks to educate our patients on what it means to have good dental health habits. Without practising proper dental health, poor oral hygiene and other factors can lead to numerous medical issues in the future – but with preventative dentistry, the chances of this happening are significantly reduced.


We understand that everyone’s general dentistry needs will be different, and therefore, we tailor our procedures and plans to match your needs specifically. At Designer Smiles, we’re here to guide you through your dental health journey – this means that we’ll sit down with you for a one on one consultation to talk about any dental issues you may be experiencing and what the best way to tackle the issue would be. Before starting any given procedure or treatment, we’ll ensure that you understand exactly what will happen and what to expect from it. Our aim is to provide you with our trustworthy services so that you’re happy and satisfied with your teeth and overall dental health. For premium general dentistry services that matter, contact our team at Designer Smiles today.


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By choosing Designer Smiles, you’re choosing a team of professional, well-trained, and experienced dentists In Point Piper who understand all aspects of dental health. Get the perfect smile you’ve always dreamt of as well as straight, strong, and structure teeth with our comprehensive range of services. 

We offer emergency dentistry In Point Piper, as well as general and cosmetic/aesthetic dental services. No matter what dental issue you’re facing, our family-friendly dental clinic caters to all and offers only the best dental services in the area. For more information on our services or to speak to one of our dentists, contact our team today or call us on 02 8074 1722.