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Composite Veneers Sydney

We can give you the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamt of, often in just one visit with our composite veneers specialist Sydney and we provide treatment without pain.

Are your teeth making you self-conscious? Crooked, stained, chipped or worn out teeth may bring down your confidence. composite resin veneers, or Composite Bonding are thin coatings that are placed over the surface of the teeth to enhance your beautiful smile.

A great smile has never been easier to achieve than with cosmetic dentistry procedures at Designer Smiles, in Cremorne on Sydney’s lower North Shore. We have treated more than 3,000 patients with this Composite veneers treatment in Sydney.


Your smile makeover is designed and performed by Dr Sarkis Nalbandian, an aesthetic reconstructive dentist, who aims to preserve your natural teeth as far as possible and achieve natural-looking results that rejuvenate and beautify your whole face.

At Designer Smiles, we offer a full range of advanced aesthetic and composite resin bonding services in Sydney.

You will find there are many options available to suit your resin veneers treatment in Sydney.

What are Composite Resin Veneers?

Layers of putty-like composite ceramic materials are applied to the surface of your teeth to recreate their natural colour and where necessary, to reshape them. An intense light is applied intermittently during the process to set and harden the composite resin. It’s then polished to create natural-looking teeth.

Composite Veneers Cost

Composite veneers in Sydney can cost up to $860 per tooth, which is comparatively reasonable than porcelain veneers cost. The price can vary depending on where you live, the type of veneers material, and how many veneers you require. At Designer Smiles, we provide the best quality, which usually last approximately 5-7 years.

Which is Better Composite Veneers or Dental Bonding?

Dental composite (Bonding) and composite resin veneers are almost the same techniques where the material used for both is common, i.e., composite resin.

The only difference between them is how the dentist applies to your teeth. Tooth bonding covers a specific part of your teeth, whereas composite veneers covers the complete surface of your tooth.

Cost of dental composite bonding in Sydney can cost you around $300 to $600 per tooth which is much more affordable compare to veneers.  

Which Cosmetic Dental Procedure Is for You?

Composite resin veneers are one of many cosmetic dental options available. Call or fill in the form to find out what we can do for you.We work closely with you to create the most beautiful smile with composite resin veneers to suit your face. 

We offer a range of composite resin veneers to our clients in Sydney. We believe in providing complete information to you regarding all the treatments available, so you are in a better position to make the right decision for yourself.



What Your Composite Resin Veneers Involve?

Our composite resin veneers specialist believes that preserving your tooth enamel is the key to success. If too much of your tooth is destroyed when having veneers, it will not only affect your future oral health but your smile restoration won’t last as long as it should.

There is nothing permanent in dentistry and all restorations need replacement over time, but composite veneers by our specialist can be resurfaced numerous times because the underlying enamel is not affected.

Benefits of composite resin veneers treatments are:


Due to the advancement of dental technologies, today, composite veneers are more durable than in the past. On average, composite veneers give lasting results for 5-7 years. With excellent care and maintenance, you can get extended durability for your composite veneer.

Regularly brush your teeth with a non-abrasive toothpaste and avoid biting hard objects with the prosthetic. Composite veneers tend to stain if you consume teeth-staining foods. Therefore, you should minimise the intake of coffee, tea, wine, and more to retain a sparkling smile. During your regular six-monthly visits, we will polish the composites regaining the original lustre. 

Composite veneers are an inexpensive smile makeover option for a range of aesthetic dental issues. The cost of composite veneers in Sydney is significantly low compared to porcelain veneers.
You are in consultation with the specialist who will decide how many veneers are required, in another word’s Dr Sarkis Nalbandian will determine the type of smile makeover you need. The problem of costing per veneer is that it is not a piecemeal deal it’s about how to complement your facial aesthetics. The question you need to ask before the cost is what is the best smile that suits my face. See the specialist and get it right as shopping around is far more costly than you think.

Unlike porcelain veneers, composite veneer procedures are usually completed in a single visit, and this further saves your time and money.

Compared to porcelain veneers, composite veneers are less resistant to stains. However, you can minimise the issues of staining and get a lasting whiter smile with excellent care. Maintain good oral hygiene – brush twice a day with a non-abrasive toothpaste and floss daily.

Make regular dental visits every six months and complete professional dental cleaning to remove tartar, plaque, and stains. Minimise the consumption of teeth-staining foods. Especially, coffee, tea, wine, and cigarettes are the worst offenders. Additionally, never try to bite or chew hard objects or foods with your veneer, as the prosthetic may chip or break. 

Contact us today to start your journey to a more confident, beautiful you.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our composite veneers treatment. We hope this gives you an idea of what we can do for you if you are having any difficulties or need help with your teeth. Remember, there’s always hope.

Dr. Sarkis Nalbandian
Visiting Professor YSMU
Specialist Prosthodontist & Implant Surgeon
B.D.S. (Hons), Dip. Clin. Dent. (Oral Implants) Uni Syd, M. Clin. Dent (Prosth) King’s College, Uni London
Clin. Dent (Prosth) Uni Syd, FRACDS, MRACD (Prosth) FIADE, FPF