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We’re proud to be a well-known, professional dentist in Northbridge. Our team of Northbridge dentists are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to help you achieve your dream smile and improve your overall oral health.

 High-quality, fully functional teeth are important throughout each stage of our lives, and therefore, it’s important to keep them clean, strong, and in the best possible condition. 

Regularly maintaining your teeth is essential as our mouths work tirelessly throughout the day – often having a negative effect on our teeth. We offer general dentistry, as well as cosmetic/aesthetic and children’s dentistry to provide family-friendly dental services for everyone. No matter what issue you’re having with your teeth, we’ll find the best solution for your pearly whites.

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General Dental Care Northbridge

General dentistry is an important factor in every stage of our lives. Without regular check-ups and an investigation into how our teeth are growing or functioning, our teeth would start to deteriorate. Therefore, finding the perfect dental clinic to take care of all your dental needs is essential. We offer general dental treatment services and aim to professionally complete all procedures in a way that satisfies your needs and leaves your mouth looking food and feeling great. We offer a range of dental care to the local Northbridge residents , including:

In addition to our general dental services, we also provide our patients with common preventative dentistry procedures to help maintain their overall oral health. We aim to educate our patients in all areas of dental health so that they can change and alter their routines to allow for better oral hygiene practices throughout their lives. 

Generally, poor oral health and unhealthy teeth and gums can lead to a variety of other medical problems. We want to stop this from happening and catch any potential problems before they evolve into something more complicated and detrimental to your dental health.


Our treatments are all completed by trained professionals who tailor their treatments based on the individual case. We’re willing to stick with you every step of the way and want to help make your dental journey as easy as possible. For more information on our general services kike (Check-up and clean, oral exam, fillings, cracked teeth, consultations, dental extractions, fissure sealing, x-rays) we provide near Northbridge, NSW 2063 contact us today.

Why Choose Us for Northbridge Family Dental Clinic

We understand that self-confidence goes hand in hand with a beautiful smile. Generally, when we find ourselves with crooked or misshaped teeth, we tend to hide our smiles from the world. However, our team aims to change your smile into one you’re proud to show off. 


Our ultimate goal is that you leave our dental clinic with premium dental health care and a new-found satisfaction with your set of pearly whites. There is a range of reasons as to why you should choose our dental clinic to mend and alter your teeth, including

We’re dedicated to seeing you attain your perfect smile. When you’re looking to finally show off your bright smile to the world, choose our dentist near Northbridge to help make it happen. For more information on dental clinic near Northbridge, contact us today.

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Team up with our professional Northbridge dentists at Designer Smiles to high-quality dentistry services that last. We want to help you attain the teeth you’ve always wanted and keep them strong and supported throughout your life. 

We cater to all member of the family – from children’s dentistry in Northbridge all the way up to those with a more mature set of teeth and require more complicated service. For general dentistry services and regular check-ups, 

Book an appointment with us our dentist Northshore– we promise your teeth will thank you for it later. For more information on any of our family dental services or emergency dental care in Northbridge, NSW contact our team at Designer Smiles today or call us on 02 8074 1722.