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Smile is a visual signature that can instantly imprint into other’s minds. And the best smile can win hearts and light up the environment. People of all ages and ethnicities want a beautiful smile!

We know the importance of a smile, and we help people to get their best smile.

Welcome to Designer Smiles – the smile makeover specialist in Sydney.

Do you feel less confident with your smile or become nervous when people come close to you? Are you noticing visible imperfections in your smile – such as discolouration, teeth alignment issues, inconsistent gaps between teeth, and more – and want a smile transformation?

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What Is A Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a unified approach to address the underlying factors that bring down the attractiveness of your smile and give you a magical smile transformation. Modern smile makeover procedures combine the advancements of technology with dentistry to redesign smiles.

A smile makeover often includes multiple treatment procedures to get the most desiring smile transformation. Today, you need to be an Artiste to understand the harmony and coordination of your teeth, jaws, gums, and face. They will redefine every element of your smile to make it impressive than before.

Especially Dr Sarkis Nalbandian at Designer Smiles with more than 35 years of service and thousands of happy smiles. 

Redesign Your Smile With Smile makeover Specialist: Dr. Nalbandian

Dr Nalbandian is one of the best smile makeover dentists and implant surgeons in Sydney. He is also a leading specialist in cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, Dr Nalbandian is trained in implant-supported bridges, crowns, and dentures.

He is one of the pioneers who combined plastic surgery with cosmetic dentistry for facial rejuvenation. Regardless of the complexity of your smile issues, Dr Nalbandian can assure you the best smile outcome by combining his expertise and decades of experience. Our smile makeover also addresses the functionality issues of your teeth to give you comprehensive results. 

Common Smile Issues Resolved By A Smile Makeover


A smile makeover can address almost every smile issue of a patient. However, the most common issues that are addressed through the treatment are the following:

  • Teeth stains and discolouration
  • Teeth alignment issues
  • Inconsistent gaps between teeth
  • Cracked or broken tooth
  • Chipped or crooked tooth
  • Tooth/teeth with wear and tear
  • Misshaped tooth
  • Lack of teeth display
  • Canted smile line
  • Worn smile line
  • Aging smile

In addition to these most common issues, our Hollywood smile makeover treatments also address various major and minor cosmetic dental issues. Speak to our cosmetic dentists today to discuss your smile issues and learn how we can help you solve them.

smile makeover treatment Sydney

Benefits Of A Cosmetic Treatment

Cosmetic treatments are designed to improve the smile and appearance of the patient. However, the benefit of cosmetic dentistry doesn’t stop there.

See the additional benefits you can get with a smile makeover procedure:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Improved oral health
  • Better teeth functionality and biting power
  • Improved quality of life
  • Makes you look younger
  • Dentofacial rejuvenation

Today, cosmetic dentistry is more advanced and comprehensive than yesteryears. Therefore, getting cosmetic dentistry is not a choice but a requirement for many to address their overall smile and functionality issues. 

Designing Your Smile Using Technology

At Designer Smiles, we map out your smile transformation using advanced technology. The initial makeover consultation and smile analysis help us to identify your smile issues and the underlying reasons. We will take digital X-rays, CBCT scans, intraoral scans, and photographs of your oral structure and create a study model to make an aesthetic analysis.

Dr Nalbandian will complete a 4-dimension aesthetic analysis to give you the best smile outcome. He will look at your face, then the position of dental arches with respect to your face, followed by colour and shape of teeth rows, and finally the single tooth. At Designer Smiles, we also consider age to address and give you refreshing and young smile.

Using the advanced tools and technology, we create the correct arch and facial frame in 3D. We define the right dental and facial harmony and balance to give a radical smile transformation. Designer Smiles follows the strategy of maintaining the positive elements of the patient’s smile and treating for the issues and concerns of it.

After mapping the makeover in our smile designing software, we will create a tailored dental makeover treatment plan to get the expected outcome. We ensure that you get accurate, predictive smile transformation results based on your expectations. 

Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Based on the complexity of your smile issues, the treatment may include multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures to achieve the best smile outcome. We design all our smile makeover plans by protecting your natural teeth in all the possible way. Our common cosmetic dentistry procedures that might be included in your treatment plan are the following: 

Teeth Whitening

If you struggle with teeth discolouration or have stains on your teeth, we will include the teeth whitening in the smile makeover plan. Our qualified dental hygienists will provide in-house whitening service to bring back the natural colour of your teeth.

At Designer Smiles, we use only approved teeth whitening products to give you safe teeth whitening experience. Our treatment procedure gives long-lasting whitening results; nearly 65 per cent of our patients are happy with their teeth colour even after three years of treatment. 


If you have minor to medium complex teeth alignment issues, Invisalign can be the finest choice for you to address the orthodontic issues. During the treatment, you will get a number clear Invisalign aligners to wear one after the other. Each set of aligners are designed to push specific sets of teeth to the right position.

You need to wear each set of aligners for two weeks for the dental smile makeover. To get the best teeth straightening results, you should wear the aligners for at least 22 hours. These removable aligners are designed to maintain your oral health during the treatment period and help to go in line with your lifestyle. 

Porcelain Veneers

Do you have broken, heavily stained, cracked, or chipped tooth, and it affects the attractiveness of your smile? We may recommend you porcelain veneers to address the imperfection in your smile. Made from porcelain, these are thin shells that are fixed onto the outer surface of your chipped, cracked, or stained tooth/teeth to cover it.

We will trim a small portion of your tooth from outer layer and bond a custom-made porcelain veneer to its surface. Porcelain veneers are highly durable, stain-resistant, and mimic the light-reflecting feature of your natural tooth.

Do you know that porcelain veneers are the reason for the perfect Hollywood smile? With a number of porcelain veneers fixed onto their frontal teeth, many celebrities get the perfect smile makeover. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants will be included in the smile makeover plan if you have one or a few missing teeth. The fixed dental restoration option can also be your choice if you have a severely damaged tooth beyond repair. Dental implants are screws – generally made from titanium – that are fixed into the jawbone, in place of your missing teeth, through an invasive procedure.

These implants work like your tooth root and support the jawbone as well as the dental prosthetic mounted on the implant. Dental implants have high durability and function and appeal like your natural tooth. 


This can be a great dental restoration option if you have all or significant number teeth are lost in the upper or lower jaw or want a full mouth rehabilitation. Instead of getting individual implants for each lost tooth, the all-on-4 procedure gives you a complete array of teeth with just four implants.

We will place the implants strategically into your jaw through an invasive procedure. Finally, a custom-made denture is fixed on the jaw and secure with implants to give a complete array of teeth. Designer Smiles also offers all-on-5, all-on-6, and if required all-on-8 procedures for full-arch replacement with additional implants for more stable results.

After the initial consultation, we will advise you the all-on procedure that can give you the best results. 

Crowns And Bridges

Do you have a misshaped, lost, severely damaged, or weak tooth and want to restore its style and functionality? Crowns and bridges can be an excellent choice as they are placed in the place of your missing tooth to work like a natural tooth. They can also be fixed on your damaged or weak tooth to reinforce and protect it.

Crowns are designed in the shape of natural teeth and made from porcelain or porcelain-fused metal. Bridges are made by fusing three or more dental crowns together to replace one or more missing teeth. However, in order to receive a bridge, you should have healthy neighbouring teeth as bridges are anchored to adjacent teeth. A crown can be cemented to your damaged or weak tooth or fix it with a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. 


Do you have complex teeth alignment issues and want to get a straighter smile? We offer a number of orthodontic treatment options, including traditional metal braces, clear aligners, Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO), lingual braces, and more.

We will choose the right orthodontic treatment option based on the condition of your teeth and personal preferences. Our orthodontic procedures are predictable and accurate with digital visualisation of the treatment with a smile makeover before and after clearly mapped. 


The cost of smile makeover in Sydney, Australia is depend on the various factors. If you have complex smile issues, you may want to receive a mix of various cosmetic dentistry procedures to get a dental smile makeover. The cost of each cosmetic dentistry procedures is different.

To get the cost of a smile makeover for you, you can contact us for a smile consultation. Our expert smile dentists will examine your oral structure, identify the smile issues, create a tailored treatment plan, and provide you with the total cost. 

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