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Dr Sarkis Nalbandian: stresses that aesthetic analysis should be considered in 4 dimensions when carrying out aesthetic analysis on his patients.

This is more or less divided into 3D + time the fourth dimension that is aging.

To help patients in the best possible outcome for their dentofacial aesthetics, Dr Nalbandian looks at the face first, followed by the position of the dental arches in relation to face in 3D, followed by the shape and colour of rows of  teeth and finally the single tooth.

Positioning and creating the correct arch form in 3D, is the scaffolding for the facial frame. This helps to reduce premature aging, since the lower facial volume is restored and maintained.

This concept looks at harmonising the dental and facial relationships together. Having straight teeth does not make a beautiful smiles and faces. The proposed smile makeover must complement patients, their unique racial characteristics and beauty.

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Dr Nalbandian has researched all different ethinicity of facial forms to hep to design the smile to complement the racial beauty and dentofacial aesthetics. This is crucial in our multicultural society.

In summary, Dr Nalbandian does the following;

  1. Identifies the positive elements of patient’s smile that should be maintained
  2. Visualises treatment strategy to address patient’s chief concerns

Harmony in relation to facial proportions are difficult to quantify, there is a range of acceptability.

Patients are presenting at our surgery for an opinion and treatment.

Dr Sarkis Nalbandian always starts by thinking;

What is right about this smile and not what is wrong with this smile

Digital smile design Treatment should be directed to facial balance and smile aesthetics as well as providing comfort and function.

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