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Welcome to Designer Smiles – the preferred invisalign dentist of Sydney residents.We offer best Invisalign in Sydney to help patients to address their orthodontic smile concerns.

Do you have teeth alignment issues that bring down the appeal of your smile and oral health? Are you searching for advanced orthodontic treatment options to address teeth alignment issues without being restricted?

Invisalign is the primary choice for orthodontic patients and dentists worldwide as it gives a number of benefits. The treatment delivers you accurate results based on your expectations, and you can come to know the outcome of the treatment before beginning the process.

When the expert hands of Designer Smiles redesign your smile, you get the best Invisalign braces treatment in Sydney. 

Best Invisalign Sydney

Your smile issues are no longer a matter of concern with Dr Sarkis Nalbandian – the smile design expert who created thousands of magical smiles in Sydney. As aesthetic reconstructive dentist with decades of service, Dr Nalbandian knows how to recreate your smile in the most natural way.

He is specialist in Implant Surgery, Prosthodontics, and Aesthetics. He is also highly experienced in clear aligners to provide optimal tooth alignment in Sydney for a complete service. Transform your smile with the affordable invisalign sydney experts today.

Invisalign - Solution For A Range Of Issues

Invisalign is a modern and convenient solution to correct most orthodontic issues. The custom-designed Invisalign clear aligners can address the following ranges of issues:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Inconsistent gaps between teeth
  • Open bite

While the treatment can correct minor and medium complex teeth alignment issues, Invisalign may not be a great choice to address highly complex orthodontic issues. If Invisalign can’t address your smile concerns, we will provide you with alternate options to get a magical smile.

Schedule a smile test today to see if these clear braces can transform your smile concerns.

Invisalign Clear Braces Sydney

9 Million Smiles

Invisalign has transformed the smile of more than 9 million people around the globe. More and more people join the league of straighter teeth and a confident smile by choosing Invisalign magic. Various studies show that Invisalign has a patient satisfaction rate of 96 per cent.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost In Sydney

Average Invisalign cost in Sydney starts from $4,500. If you choose full treatment, the cost of the procedure, including the price of Invisalign braces is $8,000.00 -10,000.00

The cost of Invisalign depends on the complexity of your teeth alignment issues. If you have minor orthodontic issues, we may address your concerns with Invisalign Lite. Since the treatment requires less number of aligners and reduced treatment time, it gets reflected in the total cost of the Invisalign lite treatment.

Accurate Smile Results By Invisalign

For patients and dentists, Invisalign means accurate orthodontic results. The treatment procedure and use of technology make the treatment predictable and accurate. Your best invisalign dentist Sydney will take the 3D digital scan of your teeth using advanced Intra-Oral scanner to create a custom treatment plan for you.

The alignment issues of your teeth and various aspects of your smile will be analysed using the advanced smile designing software. You can view each stage of movement of your teeth during the planning stage and ensure that you get the best possible results.

We will get aligners – based on your smile design – and handover to you with instructions to get accurate results. Additionally, your Invisalign dentist will review your teeth movement at regular intervals during the treatment to ensure that they are moved as per the treatment plan.

Invisalign is a great fit for modern lifestyle requirements of the patients. The aligners are specially made from a type of clear plastic, and therefore, they are almost invisible to the onlookers. Compared to traditional braces with metal wires and brackets, these clear braces never look awkward but give you a comfortable teeth-straightening experience.

Additionally, Invisalign aligners are removable. Therefore, you can remove the aligners while brushing and eating. This allows you to ensure good oral hygiene and minimal issues of teeth stains while going through the Invisalign treatment. You can also enjoy all your favourite foods while going through Invisalign treatment.

You will never feel that you are restricted during the treatment.

Quick Results Of Invisalign Braces Sydney

Invisalign is a favourite choice for many due to another reason: it gives quick results compared to most other orthodontic procedures. Most Invisalign treatments provide the expected outcome in 6-18 months. It gives a sigh of relief for most orthodontic patients as other procedures generally take 2-3 years to correct the teeth alignment issues.

To get quicker results, you should wear the aligners at least 22 hours a day. If you can’t follow the minimum hour requirement per day, Invisalign may not be your orthodontic treatment option. 

No Pain, But Gain

The traditional orthodontic options have many haters due to sharp edges and metal parts. They are uncomfortable, painful, and developing sores on gums and cheeks. Invisalign aligners are designed to address all the demerits of other orthodontic procedures and provide a comfortable treatment experience.

Clear correct aligners are made using a special type of flexible and medical-grade plastic called SmartTrack. Therefore, the aligners have no sharp edges or do not cause any pain or discomfort. You may feel some pressure for a few days when you start wearing each new set of Invisalign aligners.

Teeth Movement In Batches

Based on the complexity of the teeth issues, you may receive 18-36 clear aligners to correct your teeth alignment issues. Each set of aligners is designed to move the specific sets of teeth. Your teeth are moved in batches – not altogether. The aligners apply pressure on the teeth that they are designed to correct and push to the correct position. Simply put, the aligners are engineered to apply the right amount of force on the right teeth at the right time. As the treatment advances, you will see your teeth become progressively straighter. We will review the movement of your teeth at regular intervals – every 2 weeks – and make adjustments to the treatment plan if required.

Invisalign® First

Clear aligners are suitable option for for kids, teens, and adults.

Invisalign® Lite

Do you have minor teeth alignment issues and think that you don’t want a full Invisalign treatment? We offer Clear correct® treatment to help the patients with minor orthodontic issues.

Compared to full treatment, Invisalign needs less number of aligners and reduced treatment time. Invisalign treatment usually involves the use of 7-16 clear aligners and can give the desired result in 3-9 months. The treatment invisalign lite cost in Australia is also inexpensive compared to a full treatment. 

Flexible Invisalign Payment Plans In Sydney

At Designer Smiles, we offer flexible Invisalign payment plans to help our patients to choose the treatment service more convenient to their pockets. Our interest-free, monthly payment plans are an excellent option for you to straighten your teeth without any significant initial payment.

Contact us today to learn more about our Invisalign payment plans Sydney, and how they can help you transform your smile conveniently. Book your FREE invisalign consultation Sydney and nearby surrounding today.


The cost of the entire treatment and Invisalign braces in Sydney depends on the complexity of your teeth alignment issues. If you have minor orthodontic issues, we may address your concerns with Invisalign Lite. Since the treatment requires less number of aligners and reduced treatment time, it gets reflected in the total cost of the treatment.

This means that you can expect the cost of Invisalign starting at $4,500. On the other hand, if you choose full treatment, the cost of the procedure, including the price of Invisalign braces in Sydney, is $8,000.00 -10,000.00 

Invisalign is an orthodontic option that goes well with modern lifestyle requirements. It is important for you to clean your clear aligners regularly to improve your oral health and avoid the issues of any stains.

Gently brush your clear aligners with a toothbrush and rinse to keep them clean and fresh, every night. If the aligners look “cloudy”, take a bowl of lukewarm water with half hydrogen peroxide and soak the aligners in the solutions for a few hours to make them clear again.

You can also soak the aligners in half water/vinegar solution for 30 minutes to remove the stains and make the aligners clean. 

The duration of the Invisalign treatment is decided by the complexity of your teeth alignment issues and your age. If you have minor issues, we may treat you with Invisalign, and you can get the result in 6 months, on average. Invisalign full treatments generally straighten the teeth of the patients in 12 months.

Additionally, patients who are at their 20s may get quicker results compared to older people. This is mainly due to the jawbone of the younger patients may still be growing, and it can better respond to the treatment. To get personalised advice on the duration of Invisalign for you, book a smile assessment with Designer Smiles today. 

Invisalign is an excellent orthodontic treatment option for minor and medium complex teeth alignment issues. It is also the primary choice if you want the treatment shouldn’t be restricting your lifestyle and not affecting your oral health. It gives you quick results, and others hardly notice the treatment as you wear clear aligners.

On the other hand, traditional braces are a great choice for issues with complex orthodontic issues. It comes with metal parts and wires, and it may not give you a comfortable treatment experience. The treatment usually takes up to 2 years to give teeth straightening results. Compared to Invisalign, traditional braces are about the same.

Your teeth condition and personal preferences should decide whether to choose traditional braces or Invisalign. 

For some patients, the lower teeth appear to be pleasing and perfect, and the upper array of teeth have issues such as an overbite. Often, they might conclude that the Invisalign treatment for top teeth can address their smile concern. Often, they think that the lower teeth are less visible for others and can be ignored.

However, the reality may be more complex than they think. If you wish to receive Invisalign for top teeth, we can only confirm the effectiveness of the treatment after a detailed dental examination. The treatment may push your upper teeth back, but it may also make your bite more complex. Therefore, we will analyse how your upper and lower teeth are going to be fit together after the treatment and confirm whether the treatment can work for you.

We request you to make a smile test with our dentists to see whether Invisalign for top teeth can work for you and get the cost of the procedure. 

is Invisalign treatment right for me?

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