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General Dentistry - Preventing Tooth Damage Is Better Than Curing It!

Your visit to our clinic in Cremorne on Sydney’s lower North Shore will be a pleasant and relaxed experience. All of our services are delivered using state-of-the-art equipment with your comfort in mind.

The Designer Smiles team includes highly-skilled dentists and therapists committed to providing superior treatments for your entire family, resulting in beautiful, healthy smiles for all. Our team is made of only the best of smile specialists in Sydney.

We are all members of the Australian Dental Association and offer you advanced preventative dentistry techniques as a part of the full range aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry services, and family dentistry.

You will decrease your risk of tooth decay and maintain healthy gums through regular cleaning, saliva testing and caries (decay) activity screening. We will keep you up to date with all the new toothbrushes and dental products available and can advise which products are the most appropriate for you.

Many of our patients, like yourself, contact us with a problem and are happy to find there are a number of treatment options available.

We recommend you not wait until you have a throbbing toothache or a tooth break or any other dental emergency to reach out to us. You can visit our dental clinic well in advance, receive preventative dentistry treatments and avoid any emergency situations.

Preventative dentistry (also known as general or family dentistry) helps you prevent small problems becoming major issues that involve extensive, expensive work. Our team, led by the registered specialist dentist Dr. Sarkis Nalbandian, is an expert in this area.

Regular check-ups will keep your smile clean, dazzling and detect problems such as tooth decay (caries) or gum disease in the early stages. This means we can treat you with minimal intervention, without pain and often in just one visit.

It also helps prevent further problems from occurring. Preventative dentistry keeps your teeth and gums healthy for life.

When you call, we immediately begin to assess your concerns. You will find there are many options available to suit your needs, budget and schedule.

Common Preventative Dentistry Procedures

A beautiful white, healthy smile is one of your biggest assets, socially and professionally. But healthy teeth and gums are also crucial to your overall health. If your oral health is poor, it can lead to a variety of other medical problems.

At Designer Smiles, we deliver a high standard of preventative dental care including:

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