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Emergency Dental Services Sydney

Designer Smiles has the facilities to cater to your emergency dental needs. From common problems with failed dental work, cracked and broken teeth, to trauma from sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents.

Motor Vehicle Accident & Sport Injury Dental Trauma

Direct trauma as a result of motor vehicle accident or a sport injury can cause significant difficulty in function and aesthetics. The trauma can sometimes result in extensive soft and hard tissue damage. Crippling this the teeth functionally and the patient emotionally, since dental-facial aesthetics are impaired.

The degree of tissue laceration, teeth intrusion, damaged soft & hard tissues, high smile line can cause disruption to eating and speech.

Cracked Teeth

It is very common to have a patient complain that a tooth hurts when they chew. Cracked tooth syndrome usually exhibits discomfort to chewing pressures and in some cases an abnormal sensitivity to thermal changes in otherwise normal teeth. Patients who brux (grind, clench their teeth and chew ice, are prone to cracked tooth syndrome. In a study by Roh BD & Lee YE (2006), more than 60% of the teeth exhibiting cracked tooth syndrome were restoration-free, with almost 30% having a Class 1 restoration (small filling in the middle of the tooth). Diagnosis using a bite test was reliable more than 96% of the time. While the data is scattered compared to past studies, the conclusions are consistent.

When a patient has a chief complaint of a posterior tooth being sensitive to biting and thermal changes, in all likelihood a crack in the Mesio-distal direction needs to be considered as the cause. Treatment may require an onlay or full-coverage crowns restoration to protect the tooth from fracture. It may be simply put that more treatment a tooth needs to be restored; the less likely it should be restored.

Please contact us as soon as possible in case of any emergency dental needs. In cases of extreme emergency please proceed to your local hospital, or contact emergency services by dialing 000 in Australia.