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Designing the Hollywood Smile
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The Reconstructive / Restorative phase

The treatment as follows:

Composite veneers on teeth: teeth: 14, 13, 12, 11,21,22,23 and 24. The lower teeth (41 & 31 small built up), slight recontouring, any selective composite placement to improve general tooth alignment and night guard

When designing the hollowed smile, which is basically full smile that takes up the spaces of full lipsmile frame.

Having optimal lip thickness, symmetrical lip outline helps.

Our patient below, naturally has the most pleasing aesthetic features.

My work in an aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry is to complement the face, lips overall dentofacial aesthetics.

What Makes a Glamorous Smile?

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Is it the Face, the lips, the teeth, the treating dentist?

Note: improved lip thickness and outline. Improved support from the new arch form created by the veneers. The smile frame complements this charming lady’s facial aesthetics.

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Teeth-Smile must complement the face In all views

Aesthetic Dentistry is imitation in Greek wording meaning “mimesis” as defined by Aristotle. What we are doing is imitating the nature.

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Teeth-Smile must complement the face In all views

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Teeth-Smile must complement the face In all views

The key to ultimate aestheticsis to maintain biology!Indiscriminate tooth cutting does not makea dentis tagre at cosmetic dentist. Good aestheticsis to imitate nature.    Our patient required NOINGECTIONS,NOTOOTH INVASION. Procedure completed in ONE VISIT

Specialised knowledge and experience is required to create these beautiful smile

Dentofacial aesthetics:  imitating the nature with composite or porcelain technology developed at Designer Smiles by Dr Sarkis Nalbandian

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There is a difference between looking and seeing, you must visualise. What the eye cannot see the mind cannot recognise.


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