Designer Smiles
Designer Smiles

Designer Smiles®We do Not just place implants & Fix Teeth,
We Build faces!

It is Not The Implant
It is The Final Superstructure Designed by

Dr Sarkis Nalbandian

That Fits The Face!

Confidence: Best State of Mind!

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15 years Post Op Inital presentation

New Project (17)

Initial presentation

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Initial presentation

Facial Atrophy
Fixed teeth Solutions Facial Atrophy Halted

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Robert with so much charisma was most embarrassed about the appearance of his teeth. This affected his work and business.
Robert never knew how much the new smile with fixed teeth made that difference in his life.
The confidence and comfort, not to mention the quality of life!
See the video and his comments. His case was completed in 15 years ago
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Six Months Post Op

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Dental Implants

Facial atrophy

Loss of teeth means loss of bone and lower facial scaffolding the lip and facial musculature and skin support. The face collapses, the chin and nose come close together. Increased facial folding and tipping of nose downwards. We get an accelerated aging effect: facial atrophy.

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Who Needs
Compare accelerated aging with Non-atrophied person

Which face do you like??

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Non-atrophied person Graceful Aging

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Facial Atrophy = Accelerated Aging

Confidence: Best State of Mind!
Smile Rejuvenation dental Implants

I can smile, chew an apple, taste my food and the rest…….

The only thing I take out at night, is the dog!

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15 years Post Op