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When you’re looking for a highly reputable, yet affordable dentist in Double Bay, choose our team at Designer Smiles. We’re a family-friendly dental clinic that provides high-quality dental care in Double Bay to people of all ages.

With a range of dentists on hand, we’re dedicated to finding and successfully completing all dental procedures to a level where you’re fully satisfied with our service. Dental health is an important aspect throughout every stage of our lives, and therefore, it’s important to have a dentist and dental clinic that you trust. 

At Designer Smiles, we have years of experience in the dental industry and understand how to provide premium dental care for our patients. When you need a dental clinic that is both reliable and passionate about what they do, choose our team at Designer Smiles. 

Dentistry In Double Bay

For many people, the thought of straightening their teeth seems to be more of a complicated task when you don’t know where to start. At Designer Smiles, we make it easy for you to understand the different procedures that could ultimately straighten your teeth and provide you with your dream smile. By asking for help from an dentist, you can realign your teeth into a set that you feel proud to show off. 

You may have already had braces in the past – however, this does not mean you cannot seek help from an dentist. Maintaining the structure and alignment of your teeth is incredibly important, and the added guidance from an dentist can make this easier. Alternatively, this may be your first time considering an orthodontic procedure and, in that case, our professionally trained dentist will guide you through the tailored procedure that you choose. Our orthodontic treatments include:

Our dentists understand that not everyone has the same set of teeth, and therefore, every treatment that we offer needs to be tailored to meet individual requirements and expectations. Hence, before starting any one of our procedures, we’ll make sure that we sit down with you for a one on one consultation session. We will discuss everything there is to know about your desired treatment – including expectations when it comes to results, recovery, and the procedure itself. Our dentists are professionals in their field and are dedicated to transforming your smile into one that is perfect. For more information on our dentists or the treatments, contact us today.

General Dentistry In Double Bay

Regular check-ups, fillings, overall dental care, and general dentistry is incredibly important throughout every stage of a person’s life. Keeping track of the growth of your teeth is integral to establishing your overall oral health. It can be dangerous if your teeth start to deteriorate over time and therefore, keeping them in the best condition possible means regularly visiting your dental clinic. At Designer Smiles, we provide a comprehensive range of general dentistry services for the whole family, including:

At Designer Smiles, we also provide common preventative dentistry procedures to help our patients maintain their overall oral health and hygiene. It’s important to uphold an appropriate dental health plan throughout each stage of your life – therefore, at Designer Smiles, we seek to educate our patients on proper dental health habits. This allows our patients to stick to a proper routine and increase the overall benefits of good oral health. Generally, poor dental hygiene and other factors can cause a variety of other medical problems – we want to stop this from happening. Therefore, preventative dentistry can block any of these issues from occurring before they happen.

Our general dentistry services are tailored exactly to your needs and completed by our dentists. At Designer Smiles, we’re with you through every step of the process and are happy to provide you with relevant information that will help you along your dental journey. For more information on our general dentistry services, contact us today.


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When you choose Designer Smiles, you’re choosing a team of high-quality dentists who know how to get the job done. Get the straight, strong, and structured teeth you’ve always wanted with our comprehensive range of services In Double Bay. 

Whether you’re looking for orthodontics, general dentistry, cosmetic and aesthetic procedures or emergency services, we’ve got you covered. Our family dental clinic caters to all – from young to old and is dedicated to providing only the best for our customers. For more information on our range of services or to speak to one of our dental health care professionals, contact our team at Designer Smiles today or call us on 02 8074 1722.