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Are you searching for an affordable dentist in Cremorne? Look no further than Designer Smiles for professional, affordable, and high-quality dental services . As a well-renowned family dental clinic, we offer all areas of dental care for both adults and children. Whether you need general, orthodontic, cosmetic or emergency dentistry, we’ve got the expertise, experience, and equipment to provide it.

We want to ensure that your teeth are looking good and feeling strong. We examine all areas of your dental health to figure out what issues you’re facing and then work together to find solutions to easily overcome them. We are committed to transforming your smile with the best practices in a comfortable and hassle-free way.

Best Cosmetic Dentist in Cremorne

Do you want straight teeth without the pain and excessive hassle? We offer cosmetic dentistry that is both affordable and of extremely high-quality. Often, crooked or missing teeth stop us from fully expressing ourselves through our smiles, and therefore, we tend to lose our self-confidence. Stop hiding and learn to truly express yourself when you choose our cosmetic dentists. Our cosmetic dentistry services include:

For more information on our cosmetic or aesthetic dental care services, contact our Cremorne dentist today.

Our Professional Cremorne Dentists Can Take Care Of All Your General Dental Needs

Our general dentistry services include a variety of treatments that will refresh the look of your teeth and emphasise their natural look while increasing strength and power. Not only will general dentistry transform your teeth, but our services also include preventative dentistry procedures which will ensure your teeth are healthy and strong for years to come. Our preventative and general dentistry options include:

For more information contact our family dental clinic near Cremorne, NSW 2090 today.

Family Dental Clinic In Cremorne, NSW

We’re proud to be a family dental clinic that understands how to take care of the dental needs of everyone – from infant or child to adults and the elderly. We tailor our procedures and services to suit each individual’s set of teeth and therefore, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our dental services in Cremorne. We are dedicated to transforming the teeth and oral health systems of all our clients.

Our dentistry for children services include:

When you’re in need of a family dental clinic around Cremorne to tackle everyone’s oral health needs, choose our comprehensive range of services. Our team of dentist Cremorne are committed to solving your dental issues and guiding you towards a new and improved dental health care journey. Contact us today.

Comprehensive Dental Care Treatments

Our dental services are comprehensive and of the highest quality. We look to rejuvenate your oral health and rebuild your teeth to form a better smile. With a team of dentists on hand, we can easily rectify any oral health concerns you have.


Are you missing a tooth? Not to worry, at Designer Smiles, we offer dental implants of all kinds. Whether you’re looking for short dental implants, dental diagnostics, immediate implant teeth (all on four or six), a single missing tooth or even multiple missing teeth, we’ve got all forms of dental implants readily available for our customers.


With our comprehensive range of dental services, we are committed to changing your smile for the better. What’s more? We believe that educating our customers on their dental health is imperative, and therefore, we don’t just complete the procedures and forget. Instead, we ensure that you understand the work being carried out and how it will affect your teeth in the long term. We’ll guide you through each step of your dental journey and help you understand how to sustain and improve your oral health.

Dentist near me: Expert is just a phone call away!

Servicing as a Cremorne dentist, we are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable experience for all our patients. Whether you’re in for a regular check-up, an intensive treatment or emergency dental surgery, we’ll make sure you’re satisfied with the results and happy with our service. For more information on our dental procedures, contact  dentist near Cremorne, NSW 2090 or call us on 02 8074 1722.