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There seems to be a number of reasons why patients have neglected their dental health resulting in accelerated aging process called facial atrophy. He says some patients have a fear of the unknown, some may have had a past traumatic experience, especially in their early childhood years, while others’ fear may be based on horror stories they have heard. One way to alleviate fear is to research the dentist and the procedure before you decide to go ahead. Our practice has performed thousands of different types of cosmetic procedures, and has a database of just about all of them.

Bone shrinkage after tooth loss can accelerate the ageing appearance of the face. Patients with missing teeth may find that dental implants are the long-term solution. Implants involve the replacement of dental roots with a titanium fixture, placed in the bone of the jaw and allowed to heal. Implant support provides a stable non-moving foundation for replacing missing teeth. Using implants can save adjacent healthy teeth, and help preserve the bone from atrophy. Cosmetic dentistry should improve the attractiveness of the smile while addressing the dental needs. We can show our patients a range of before and after results and also have numerous DVDs of patient testimonials. Unfortunately fear can also stem from age. Older generations of people may have experienced distressing dentistry due to lack of fluoridation, pain control, as well as from not benefiting from orthodontic treatment.

Patients aged around 50 are often excellent candidates for aesthetic improvement. This is because they usually have had multiple amalgam restorations that have served them well until now, and they may have a few missing teeth or unsightly crowns displaying dark marginal discolouration.


Cosmetic dentistry can make a dramatic improvement to a person’s aesthetic appearance. Because cosmetic dentistry works with the moving parts of the face, it affects 45 percent of facial attractiveness. My patients often tell me how their new smile has changed their life, and I think that improving a person’s facial appearance with aesthetic dentistry is probably the most rewarding part of my job. Cosmetic dentistry often combines general dentistry, prosthodontics, periodontics, and orthodontics and oralmaxillofacial surgery. ‘Merging across these disciplines can help to achieve the desired long-term results that would benefit the patient’s aesthetic, functional and general needs,’ he says.

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Our patients smile makeover was completed in one visit using composite technology. Patient flew from Honk Kong and flew back

“One Smile Says It All” We Are Changing Lives Not Just Smiles               our patients are our friends and ambassadors

In terms of pain, dentistry has come a long way. Cosmetic procedures such as veneers, crowns and implants can be accomplished by using the same dental local anaesthetic as we do for normal fillings. ‘Ultimately, though, the patient chooses the method of pain control they wish to have, and IV sedation and nitrous oxide are also offered.’ One procedure Dr Nalbandian recommends is the One Visit Smile Lift, which he says does not require injections and is painless. ‘With this procedure the effect is immediate and dramatic. It can be used on people of all ages, and is non-invasive and inexpensive because no laboratory fees are involved. As well as this, from the patient’s perspective, there is no difference in aesthetic improvement compared to other invasive procedures that require cutting a sound tooth structure.’

Many of his patients wish they had had their cosmetic procedures carried out earlier in life. Many feel regretful for not enjoying their smiles during their prime. However, it is never too late to have a beautiful smile.